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download  METROPWR FX773, is a modern VECTOR POWER/SWR METER completely digital. It’s composed of a wattmeter and a power coupler for measurements up to 3/5kW. It has a very modern design, and very high performance. It has inside a fast 32bit processor plus a coprocessor to handle all the measurements in real time, and measure Power (AVG, PeP, dBm) , SWR, R, Z, X, and more. It has a fast external bus with which you can connect many accessories in series:

  • Antenna switch 1X4 positions FX7
  • Radio switch 1X4 positions FX7
  • Directional coupler 3/5kW FX3/FX5

In the photo some examples of connecting some accessories. Metropwr Fx773/FX775 can handle 4 antennas and 4 radio simultaneously. Through a menu it is possible to cross each radio with each antenna.