download  METROPWR FX775, is a modern VECTOR POWER/SWR METER completely digital. It’s composed of a wattmeter and a power coupler for measurements up to 3/5kW. It has a very modern design, and very high performance. It has inside a fast 32bit processor plus a coprocessor to handle all the measurements in real time, and measure Power (AVG, PeP, dBm) , SWR, R, Z, X, and more. It has a fast external bus with which you can connect many accessories in series:

  • Antenna switch 1X4 positions
  • Radio switch 1X4 positions
  • Directional coupler 3/5kW
  • Power switches
  • Coupler VHF/UHF

In the photo some examples of connecting some accessories. Metropwr Fx771 can handle 4 antennas and 4 radio simultaneously. Through a menu it is possible to cross each radio with each antenna. 

To understand the potentialities of the METROPWR FX775 Wattmeter, I attach some link diagrams. The potentialities are enormous thanks to the scalability and expandability of the instrument. Perhaps calling it a wattmeter is somewhat diminutive as in the Metrovna I thought in great designing a tool that can measure almost any power at almost any frequency as well as handle all antennas and radios at the same time. In short, a UNIQUE tool in its genre and perhaps never seen to this day. As for the Metrovna, I wanted to integrate all the features of the trade tools and integrate them into a highly high tech wattmeter. Starting with the unique design of the SMART functions, in addition to the common tools seen in the last decades. Calling on the chats in photos under some link diagram:

– Easy for HF / 50MHz 3 / 5kWatt
– Dual for HF / 50MHz 3 / 5Kwatt + V / U Band

It has a large Lcd touch screen display very fast and responsive, with which you can monitor:

  • Measurement errors
  • High SWR alarm
  • RX/TX/Standbye
  • Monitoring ADC/ACT
  • Check Bus I2C

In the picture, the Metrowatt FX775 with the first menu through which you can view

  • AVG power, PeP (0.5W /5kW autoranging scale)
  • Express power mW / W / kW and dBm
  • SWR / RL
  • Double function smeter Power AVG,P&P
  • Measures Return Loss
  • Parameter Measurement Antenna Resistance, Impedance, Reactive (R, Z, X) Up to 3 / 5kW
  • Voltage Supply Vcc / USB
  • Operating frequency MHz, KHz, Hz
  • Operational OM band


  •  Coverage 1.8/55 MHz 160/6mt + VHF/UHF 
  •  HF/55MHz Measure Power AVG, PeP, dBm, R, Z, |X| , SWR, Frequency
  •  Wide Autoranging Power range 0.5W/5kW
  •  V/U Measure SWR/Power/FWD/REF
  •  HF/50MHz Optional Couplers  0.5W /3kW (FX3) – 0.5W/5kW (FX5)
  •  VHF/UHF Optional Coupler 200W (FX-VU)
  •  Accuracy SWR error <5%
  •  Directivity Coupler 30dB
  •  Accuracy Power Better 5%
  •  Operating voltage 13.8V
  •  Dimensions 205x120x109 mm
  •  Weight 200gr

Functional characteristics

  •  Display TFT 7” 16 K color Touch screen
  •  uP 32bit + Coprocessor
  •  14 Internal Menus
  •  Internal Analog/Digital UTC Clock 
  •  PC USB port
  •  ADC resolution 16bit
  •  Fast EXP Port
  •  updating Firmware through USB
  •  App Pc Software