The idea of creating an all-Italian version of an Antenna Analyser was born as a challenge.After comparing many trade instruments, I decided to build the one that encompasses all the best features and after nearly six months of testing, METROVNA was born! With this sophisticated and useful tool you can make measurements on RF lines, antennas, L / C filters, baluns, crystals etc. in a practical and accurate way.

I am a Radio Amateur, and my aim is to supply a technologically advanced instrument that is simple to use and economical to obtain.This tool is very useful, perhaps essential, to a modern Amateur struggling with the development of transmission systems, calibration of filters or just to measure the antenna system’s SWR.
Another goal is make it completely independent of the bulky presence of a PC and make it as flexible as possible for field use.
This tool can be easily interfaced to all new technological devices, such as: Notebooks, PDAs, smartphones and desktop PCs.Furthermore, the software can be installed into any computer platform such as Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
In this manner you can get very useful measurements directly below the antenna.
There are three new models  – MetroVNA Pro Touch 100KHz/180MHz (Yellow ) , 100KHz/55MHz (Green), 100KHz/250 MHz (Grey)