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Nuovo Metrpwr FX700 Analizzatore d'antenna vettoriale 0.1-700 MHz. Caratteristiche Tecniche Metropwr FX700  Copertura 0.1/700 MHz  Display 4,3" colori  Touch screen capacitivo  DUT Connettore N  Misura parametri R,Z,X (sign),SWR,Phase,ReturnLoss,Tdr,L,C  Misura per 50,75,100,150,300 ohm  Calibrazione OPEN,SHORT,LOAD (osl)  Smith chart , misura antenna multibanda  TDR (time domain reflectometer grafico)  Misura lunghezza cavi coassiali  Memorizzazione grafici...
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  METROPWR FX773/FX775, is a modern VECTOR POWER/SWR METER completely digital. It's composed of a wattmeter and a power coupler for measurements up to 3/5kW. It has a very modern design, and very high performance. It has inside a fast 32bit processor plus a coprocessor to handle all the measurements in real time, and measure Power (AVG, PeP, dBm) , SWR, R, Z, X, and more. It has a fast external bus with which you can connect many accessories in series: Antenna switch 1X4 positions FX7 ...
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 The FX743 is an upgrade kit for the Wattmeter BIRD43. After many tests here is the end result, a PCB to be mounted inside the Bird that allows it to interface it to the PC via USB. Now far from anything special, the difficult thing was to sample the RF signal coming from the probe and above all to make the system fast and with very high refresh times to not regret the instrument's analog stem smetter. From the movie below I would say the target reached !! The software is absolutely fa...
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Many accessories can be connected to the Metropwr fx771 via the I2C rear port. The I2C connection allows you to interface many accessories and run them simultaneously. An example is that you can connect 2 antenna switches 1X4 positions to simultaneously handle 4 antennas on 4 radios. You can activate and deactivate radio and antennas via a menu.  
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The Metrowatt FX771 has a convenient Windows utility that allows you to manage many functions of the wattmeter. You can view the Power, SWR, Frequency and LED status, including alarm status. In photo shows the following parameters: Direct FWD Reverse power REF SWR Frequency             Some examples of the software along with the program that run the IC-7300. The utility communicates with the wattmeter through the USB port. Thi...
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  The Metropwr FX771 includes all the features of a modern Wattmeter Vector. Over the power measures all SWR, R, Z, X, Return Loss parameters, with a very high precision. The Metropwr is completely designed with advanced software. In the photo under a first 3D rendering of the product. All the project was thought to be in the smallest detail, and a unique Wattmeter was born. It has inside a modern and fast 32bit microprocessor + a coprocessor to ensure a very high processing speed and an ...
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